Services Overview

CourageWorks embraces the principle that people are the difference-makers in every business. From sales and manufacturing, to research and development, to technology, finance and deal making...people make everything happen. Our consulting services help leaders build a dynamic, innovative and high-performing culture that delivers a clear competitive advantage for your organization.

Leadership Consulting

Great leaders know who they are from the inside out. They communicate a clear vision and strategy, and they engage people's talents, skills and collaborative spirit to create loyal customers and a healthy bottom line. Our consulting services are dedicated to the following:

  • Develop extraordinary leaders
  • Cultivate innovative and highly effective teams
  • Create an environment for people to achieve exceptional results together
  • Become a magnet for key talent and loyal customers
  • Leverage strategic performance through a powerful organizational culture

Great leaders align values, strategies, and operations, and achieve sustained success by inspiring people to be their best together. These principles steadfastly guide our leadership services.

Executive Coaching

CourageWorks' coaching engagements ideally complement a leader's pursuit of executive and technical expertise. Our focus is deepening the innate characteristics of leadership that most influence the people you serve: authenticity, values, integrity, trust, respect and inspiration. Integrating personal mastery with professional discipline produces extraordinary leaders that followers will proudly serve. We help leaders:

  • Communicate a powerful vision for the company
  • Exhibit extraordinary team-building skills
  • Lead vital change in an accelerated and effective manner
  • Serve multiple stakeholders and interests with unwavering values, principles and integrity
  • Explore their life purpose and formulate their personal legacy
  • Generate remarkable organizational results

We believe the leadership culture is the most determinant factor in creating a collaborative and productive environment. Our coaching practices help leaders solidify their full body of skills to foster a highly successful organization.