Our Team

Kenneth R. Jacobsen

President & Founder
CourageWorks, Inc.

Ken Jacobsen BioKen Jacobsen, founder and president of CourageWorks Inc., is dedicated to creating high-performing organizations through powerful leadership practices and extraordinary cultural engagement. He brings over 25 years of executive experience as president of a health care coalition, senior vice president of an international actuarial and human resources consulting firm, owner and operator of a consulting company, and executive vice president of a national health insurer.

Ken is a leadership consultant, executive coach and cultural change facilitator, focusing on a whole thinking approach to organizational excellence. He guides the integration of the creative, intuitive mind with the linear disciplines necessary to produce sustained results. His work is dedicated to helping leaders cultivate a climate of committed action in service to high stakeholder satisfaction and a healthy bottom line.

Ken serves on the faculty of The Secretan Center, a worldwide leadership consulting firm whose cause is to reawaken spirit and values in the workplace, and he is a longtime instructor of self-discovery workshops including Loving Yourself and Others©, and Revealing Your Destiny, Cause and Calling©. The accumulation of these diverse executive and teaching experiences presents a successful business leader who is skillfully practiced at developing and executing visionary strategies, strengthening the leadership-followership relationship in service to the bottom line, exploring a deeper purpose to our work, and building cooperative, highly effective organizations.

Ken obtained a degree in Sociology from Merrimack College in Andover, Massachusetts and completed the acclaimed Executive Program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In addition to earning his faculty designation at The Secretan Center, he has studied at numerous alternative-learning organizations including Global Relationship Centers in Austin, Texas, the Center for Inner Knowing in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Animas Valley Institute in Durango, Colorado.

Julie Snyder

Leadership Beyond Limits, LLC


Julie Snyder is a partner with Leadership Beyond Limits, LLC. The company helps top leaders of large organizations engage their employees to create sustainable success. She offers 23 years of human resources and cultural transformation experience from three industries: retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Prior to founding her company, Julie held the position of senior vice president of human resources for Mount Carmel Health System. She has worked in small and large organizations facilitating change from project work to mergers and acquisitions.

Julie is a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute, and is an accredited facilitator of Insights psychometric profiling system and 5Dynamics Work Preferences tool. She is a certified Cultural Transformation Tools® consultant and has been trained in Appreciative Inquiry through the Weatherhead Executive Leadership program at Case Western University. Julie serves on the Board of Trustees for Mental Health America, Franklin County and as a member of Women for Economic Leadership and Development. She recently earned a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degree through the University of Pennsylvania. Her focus is on bringing the most current research on maximizing human potential to leaders and organizations.

Pam Dunn

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company


Pamela Dunn is president and owner of Global Relationship Centers, Inc. Global provides profound learning experiences that enhance personal and professional development by empowering people to discover, honor and incorporate their unique contribution in the world, thereby creating greater cooperation, harmony, and oneness. Pamela's 20-plus years in this field include executive development in the banking, service and retail industries.

Pam teaches and lectures throughout the United States, South America and Europe, teaching inside corporations, schools, and to the general public. She has done extensive work for the City of St. Louis's Juvenile Justice System, creating the Peaceful Project, a court-mandated program guiding juveniles arrested for gun violations to inner peace and personal responsibility.

Pam is the founder of Center in Love and Truth, a not-for-profit organization that guides people to successfully create wholeness in their lives. She has authored Journey to Your Soul's Magnificence – What a Difference a Year Makes. (Nightingale Conant; first edition, February 27, 2008)

Pamela has degrees in Economics and Divinity and is currently completing her Doctorate of Divinity. Pam resides in St. Louis with her three sons.

Ronald Mandel


Thornhill, Ontario


Ron Mandel has been a professional in the field of organizational effectiveness for more than 27 years and has consulted on change management projects and strategic planning initiatives in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. He is certified in many programs in the following areas: Creative Problem Solving, Foundations of Leadership, Personality Dimensions, Trust and Teamwork and Situational Leadership. He uses the skills and insights he has gained through those programs and his coaching and consulting experience to create an environment of openness and trust.

In his work, he fosters an atmosphere of genuine caring, where people are better able to engage in honest and open dialogue. He helps build a solid foundation of people management skills which inspire their employees to be their best. His area of interest is in the development of value-based learning organizations for the benefit of its employees, customers, and the bottom line. He believes in the innate ability within every human being to discover their potential and unique gifts and make a positive difference in the world – at work, in their homes, and in their communities.

Judy Rath

Family Matters of Coastal Georgia, Inc.

Judy Rath is a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in experiential psychotherapy, neurofeedback therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy. She is a specialist with advanced training in conflict resolution, social artistry, and peak performance. Judy has vast experience developing, presenting, and evaluating learning programs for groups and individuals.

Formerly with the Center for Cognitive Rehabilitation in Atlanta, Judy brings practices based upon current research in neuroscience to enable individuals to learn more efficiently and to perform more effectively.

Judy couples a Master of Science degree in Physiology with the Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. Judy is at her best assisting clients recognize, celebrate, cultivate, and accentuate their potential. Helping individuals and organizations to better understand themselves so that they may clearly define and perform their role in the global community, Judy fosters an environment of creativity, cooperation, trust, and fun.

Roni Casale

Roni Casale has been facilitating groups and developing courses for over 21 years. She is a Certified Trainer for Global Relationship Centers and Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company and has trained facilitators to teach courses internationally.