Benefits and Education

  • 84% of college students say a strong health plan is more important than base salary, up from 38% last year. (Universum Communications, May 2006)
  • 53% of workers say their employers are very supportive of their efforts to achieve work/life balance. (Office team, March 2006)
  • 71% of human resources managers say businesses are embracing formal coaching as an employee development method. (SHRM, April 2006)
  • Roughly 50% of CFOs say their organization doesn't reimburse staff for the continuing education units required to maintain their professional certifications. (Robert Hall Finance & Accounting, April 2006)
  • The number of employers with no employees working from home is currently predicted to be (only) 20%, down from 46% 3 years ago. (Hewitt, 2008, Next-Generation Talent Management)
  • 27.5% of full-time workers had a flexible schedule, up from 12.4% 20 years ago. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2006)
  • Working caregivers cost employers $33.6 billion each year in lost productivity. (MetLife Mature Market Institute, July 2006)
  • Only 55% of workers in the first quarter of 2009 agreed that they could balance work and personal responsibilities, down from 62% in the final quarter of 2008. (Towers Perrin, May 2009)