Adaptive Services

In truth our services are both structured and unstructured. Everything we deliver has been carefully designed. However in the people space things change in the moment, so we change with it. This is where we bring radically different value to our clients. We aren't delivering consulting in a box, commoditized processes, industry benchmarks or prescribed best practices. You already have plenty of those.

We pick up where many of those initiatives leave off. We bring people to life so they are in partnership with each other and ultimately with the processes and goals they are provided.

Here's what we deliver: uncommon skills and talents supported by tools, language and systems that grow powerful leaders who engage new leadership practices – creating far more effective organizations as a result.

Indeed we employ instruments that collect objective data such as 360s and employee surveys, and rigorous tools like 5 Dynamics® which improves collaboration and performance in the workplace. They each provide critical value. However, we serve you best when our consulting, coaching and team-building services are immersed in real time on real issues with real people. This is where we shift from the empirical to the living theater.

In the course of helping leaders and their teams with strategies, tactics and alignment, we often come across an unspoken truth: people's struggles to operate at their best relates to cultural issues around trust, respect, inspiration and belief in the system. Years of job automation, management by spreadsheet, outsourcing, short-term earnings drills and more have left cultures visibly disengaged.

This is where CourageWorks comes loaded with goodies. Our services reawaken people and inspire them to reconnect with their innate spirit and talents, with their leaders and colleagues, and with the company's vision and mission. Beware, however. This is not a downstream initiative to be administered into the organization. This is about hands-on leadership. We cultivate authentic leaders who bring it themselves, from the top, creating a whole new environment where people are inspired to play their "A" game together. This is the essence of a high performing culture.

We know from experience that you will benefit greatly from our services – personally, professionally and organizationally. Give us a call and we'll tell you plenty more about the uncommon value we deliver.